COVID-19 Policies

We will continue to monitor what the CDC and the State of Michigan recommend and require for operating at this time. All of our staff will be educated on the rules and guidelines required by the CDC and State of Michigan in order to hold class. 

All of these policies are subject to change, and you will receive an email from us updating these policies if and when and changes are made. 

In-Person Classes

Drop-off Procedure

-All teachers, staff, parents, and dancers (5,6 combo and higher) must wear masks at all times when inside our building (including during class).

-For students in our 3 or 4 year old combo classes, we encourage mask wearing in class, but do not require it. Even these students should wear a mask while they enter the building and walk through the hallway.

-All ballet barres, mats, and anything that is touched by teachers or students will be disinfected between every class.

-We will not be using shared props in any of our dances this semester, nor will we perform any partner exercises or hand-holding.

-Classes will be ending 5 minutes early in order for teachers to clean the studio room between each class.

-Students may not enter the studio room until their teacher calls them in.

-We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE students to use the bathroom before they arrive, however bathrooms are available and open if needed.

-Students and teachers will remain socially distanced during classes. There will be markings on the dance floor and ballet barres 6 feet apart for students to stand on. Because of this, space for in-person class will be limited to 8 students.

-Until further notice, we will not be allowing in-person make-ups. Students who miss class are welcome to join in virtually for a make-up class.

-Virtual space in all of our classes will also be offered (see more details below)

-We STRONGLY RECOMMEND sticking with your choice (in-person or virtual) for the whole first semester of dance class. Students and parents will be able to re-evaluate in January (space in classes permitting).

-Students must be dressed in dance clothes before entering the building. We do not have a student dressing room. Students can bring one small dance bag to put shoes and a water bottle in.

-ALL classes will require shoes - no bare feet are allowed. (For modern class, please wear socks.)

-We no longer have a drinking fountain, so all students should bring a small water bottle if necessary (we will give short water breaks during class as needed). They will be allowed to bring their water bottle in the dance room, but they must have the student's name on them.

-Hand sanitizer will be available in the reception area and both studio rooms.

-Self-monitor any and all symptoms:

-If you or anyone you live with is showing any of these symptoms, please stay home and participate via zoom for that week.

-If any of our staff members notice before or during class a student showing any of these symptoms, we will call home for them to be picked up right away. (Even if it's not COVID-19 related, if your child or any family member is showing any symptoms whatsoever, please participate via zoom that week.)

-In order to join the class virtually ANY week, just call us at least 1 hour before the class would start so we can send you the link to join from home.

-Parents will not be allowed inside the classroom until further notice.

-For our 3-5 year olds, parents will be allowed to walk their child up to the dancing room, but not to enter the dance room. Parents of younger students are encouraged to wait outside the building during class, and meet their child at the front door after class (a teacher will walk them out).

-For older students, parents are asked to drop the student off at the front door, and pick them up after class at the front door.

-We will not allow students to leave the building until a parent arrives.

-In order to make monthly payments at our reception desk, parents will be allowed to come inside the lobby, we are asking for not more than 3 parents to be in the lobby at the same time, and to maintain social distancing. Please wait outside the door if there are already 3 adults inside.

-Weather permitting, we will also have a “walk-up window” near our reception desk, making it possible for parents to remain outside while paying. We strongly encourage everyone to use this method rather than walking into the lobby.

Virtual Classes

-We will be using the zoom app to livestream every class

-This will be available to students who sign up to exclusively take class from home, OR students who sign up for in-person class, but are quarantined and/or showing any symptoms that week.

-The zoom link will be a private link, sent only to Borgo students who are enrolled in a class, and will require a password to enter. The password will be changed each week in order to maintain security for our online classes.

-Students will be sent to the “waiting room” and must be approved by the teacher to join the virtual class. They will only be approved if their first and last name is listed (example: “Claire Call” rather than “Claire’s iPhone”)

-If you are participating in class via zoom, PLEASE be on time and in the “waiting room” BEFORE the start time for your class. Teachers will have to admit each student from the “Waiting room”, and once the teacher begins teaching, she will not be able to look at the “waiting room” continuously.

-ALL students/parents will be asked to sign a video release form upon enrollment this year, because we will be live-streaming classes.

-Students taking class via zoom will still learn the same dances and be allowed to participate in our show and recital. Some in-person attendance will be required in order to practice together as a group before any show or recital.

-We recognize that being in the same room with the dance teacher is a different experience than watching from your own home, and for that reason, our virtual classes will be at a slightly reduced monthly price of $48 per month.

-During the class, the teacher will have all zoom participants muted. 



-Have a space big enough for you to move in comfortably.

-If you are taking ballet class, you may need a chair to hold onto while doing barre work

-Wear your dance shoes (or socks), and dress for class the same as if you were in the studio

-For tap class, a piece of plywood can be laid down to save your floors at home!

-During class, the teacher will have all zoom participants muted.

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