COVID-19 Policies

We will continue to monitor what the CDC and the State of Michigan recommend and require for operating at this time. All of our staff will be educated on the rules and guidelines required by the CDC and State of Michigan in order to hold class. 

All of these policies are subject to change, and you will receive an email from us updating these policies if and when and changes are made. 

Studio & Class Policies

-Masks are now OPTIONAL for dancers, teachers, staff, and parents inside our studio.


-Classes are 45 minutes long, however teachers may end class a few minutes early depending on cleaning or dismissal procedures.

      -Students may not enter the studio room until their teacher calls them in.


-We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE students to use the bathroom before they arrive.

      -Because space is limited, parents must make an appointment at least 48 hours in advance to schedule a make-up for their student.


-Please arrive already in your dance clothes. We do not have a student dressing room.

      -ALL classes will require shoes - no bare feet are allowed. (For modern class, please wear socks.)


-We do not have a drinking fountain, so all students should bring a small water bottle if necessary (we will give short water breaks during class as needed). Students will be allowed to bring their water bottles in the dance room, but they must have the student's name on them.


-Hand sanitizer will be available in the reception area and both studio rooms.

Drop-off Procedure

-Self-monitor any and all symptoms:





-If your child or anyone living in the same household is showing any of these symptoms whatsoever (even if it's not COVID-19 related), please stay home.

      -If any of our staff members notice before or during class a student showing any of these symptoms, we will call home for them to be picked up right away.


-Parents will not be allowed inside the classroom until further notice.

      -For our 3-5 year-olds, parents will be allowed to walk their child up to the dancing room, but not to enter the dance room. Parents of younger students are encouraged to wait outside the building during class, and meet their child at the front door after class (a teacher will walk them out).

      -For older students, parents are asked to drop the student off at the front door, and pick them up after class at the front door.

      -We will not allow students to leave the building until a parent arrives.

CDC COVID symptoms image.JPG