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COVID-19 Policies

All of these policies are subject to change, and you will receive an email from us updating these policies if and when and changes are made. 

Studio & Class Policies

-Masks are now OPTIONAL for dancers, teachers, staff, and parents inside our studio.


-Classes are 45 minutes long, however teachers may end class a few minutes early depending on cleaning or dismissal procedures.

      -Students may not enter the studio room until their teacher calls them in.


-We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE students to use the bathroom before they arrive.

      -Because space is limited, parents must make an appointment at least 48 hours in advance to schedule a make-up for their student.


-Please arrive already in your dance clothes. We do not have a student dressing room.

-For younger (Non-Show level) classes, parents will be welcome into the room during the last 10-15 minutes the first lesson of each month to observe class and  to hear monthly announcements.

Drop-off Procedure

-Self-monitor any and all symptoms:




-If your child or anyone living in the same household is showing any of these symptoms whatsoever (even if it's not COVID-19 related), please stay home.

      -If any of our staff members notice before or during class a student showing any of these symptoms, we will call home for them to be picked up right away.

      -For older students, parents are asked to drop the student off at the front door, and pick them up after class at the front door.

      -We will not allow students to leave the building until a parent arrives.

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