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The Studio

Borgo Sisters School of Dance was founded in 1934 by two sisters, Frances and Virginia Borgo, who realized their dream of teaching young children to dance, by opening our previous studio at 224 N. Washington in Royal Oak. (As of July 2020, we have moved to our new location at 500 S. Rochester Rd. in Clawson.) Their teaching philosophy incorporated the fundamental belief that each student is special and an important part of her or his class in a program that introduces students to a wide variety of music and dance styles.


Each element of the weekly lesson is planned and prepared in advance by skilled teachers. We offer classes for each age group, and many classes are further defined by level of experience. Because of this well-defined system, each class is presented with age appropriate steps and music in a structured, caring, non-competitive environment. Our lessons are designed to train and strengthen the body while instilling confidence and poise.


We create a safe, happy nurturing environment where parents are invited once per month to sit quietly in the classroom and observe lessons. Etiquette, courtesy and respect for others are qualities we reinforce at every age level. Our reputation for relaxed, enjoyable recitals, along with high quality lessons keep generation after generation choosing Borgo Dance.

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