• There is an annual enrollment fee of $25.00 per student.
  • Tuition is $55.00 per month, paid at the beginning of each month. Discounts are available for multiple classes and families.
  • Tuition for virtual classes is reduced to $48.00 per month.
  • Methods of Payment: Check, cash, charge (Visa, Master Card, Discover).


Refer a new student and receive a $20 credit to your account!


What about recital fees?


  • Our ‘Spring Recital’ usually takes place the third week of May. There is $10 Spring Recital fee per student no matter how many classes they take. You can bring up to six adults and as many children you want to this show. You are not required to buy videos, expensive recital costumes, pay for special practices or volunteer your time!

  • Our ‘Winter Show’ is always the week of Martin Luther King Holiday in January. You receive two free tickets (additional ones are $8.00 each) to the show. You are not required to buy videos or pay for special practices.

  • Both shows are about one to one and a half hour long.